Participant acknowledges and agrees that the relationship with LYTFOX is not that of physician-patient, nurse-patient or anything similar thereto, and that LYTFOX is not serving or consulting in the capacity of a physician, nurse or other licensed, certified or registered health care professional.

Participant agrees not to use or rely upon LYTFOX’s services as a substitute for diagnostic or medical treatment, which shall be provided by appropriate professionals who do have a physician-patient, nurse-patient or similar relationship with Participant. Participant agrees to be directly and solely responsible, in collaboration with Participant’s physicians, nurses and other health care professionals and not LYTFOX, for all decisions regarding Participant’s diagnosis and treatment. Participant acknowledges and agrees that LYTFOX’s relationship with Participant is such that LYTFOX cannot and will not control Participant’s diagnostic or medical decisions or care.

Services may include record summarization and other analytic services provided by physicians, nurses, research assistants or other personnel, as more particularly described on LYTFOX’s Schedule of Services and Fees. Participant acknowledges that LYTFOX services may not be covered by any form of medical professional liability (malpractice) insurance.