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Lynx Collaborative Care Network

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Because healthcare is complex, information is important — and organized information is power!

We collect and organize your medical records and professionally summarize them into a format that
doctors and patients can easily use — to ask the right questions and make the best decisions.

LYTFOX has set the new bar in medical records

What LYTFOX Provides

These are yours when you need them:

LYTFOX Membership

  • Registration includes your LYTFOX PGI: An Interactive Participant Generated Information form that helps relieve the repeated burden of provider intake form-filling
  • Secure online hosting of your Library, Electronic Documents (eg: Living Will, Durable Medical Power of Attorney)
  • Secure online hosting and viewing of your medical imaging files (eg: x-rays, scans, ultrasounds)

Health Record Library

  • All the medical records we have obtained at your request
  • Your complete and correct medical history in your own hands — what you and your providers need for healthcare decision-making
  • Searchable, organized document (PDF) of your records
  • Can be shared with anyone you authorize

Health Record Navigator

  • Professionally created “map” of your medical records that turns on the full power of your Health Record Library
  • Professionally prepared from the documents in your Health Record Library
  • Edited by a physician
  • Verified and corrected by you
  • A critical tool for your primary care physician, specialists, consultants, and anyone who needs to treat you in an emergency

Special Services

  • LYTFOX Dashboard and Narrative Summary: expert-prepared, brief presentation of your health history
  • Evidence-based analysis using the best available information about you
  • Professional assistance to obtain consults, referrals, access to clinical trials or research studies
  • Medical research
  • Health system navigation


Here are some inside facts about things you may have suspected:

We’ve heard this story 100 times. A patient has waited months for an appointment with a specialist. They have painstakingly collected all their records.

They hand their folder to the doctor who politely says, “Thank you,” and pushes it aside. “Now, tell me why you’re here…”

Everyone knows someone who needs LYTFOX!

  • People with

    • Multiple providers
    • Multiple conditions
    • A serious illness or accident
    • A rare disorder
  • People who are

    • Traveling Changing physicians
    • In hazardous occupations
    • Caregivers for others with disabilities
  • People facing

    • Important medical decisions
    • Language or cultural barriers
    • Major life transitions
  • People who have

    • Advance directives
    • Health history forms to complete
    • Communicative or cognitive impairments

LYTFOX helps to improve the effectiveness of care and reduce errors and delays,
with the best possible – usable – information at every visit.


From Providers
Your services augment and support physicians. On a day to day basis they simply do not have the
time to devote to research.Martha Aparicio, MHA, Managing Editor, Surgical Neurology
From Advocates
Our daughter’s life would be different, for the worse, without the assistance of LYTFOX… The
comprehensive Health Record Navigator you put together for M still overwhelms me. I really love the organization. I’m glad to know the information is there for me to access.Shelli, mother of child with infantile scoliosis and other diagnoses
From Participants
Your fabulous staff was able to reconstruct my rather complex medical history – eight brain surgeries obviously creates a wide paper trail… Thank you again for helping through this challenging and painful period of my recovery. LYTFOX was instrumental in more ways than I can enumerate. You and your team are quite simply the best of professionals.Christy, Participant recovering from brain hemorrhage