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David Kaysen, (CEO) has 35+ years of executive level experience leading and managing both domestic and international emerging growth companies. Mr. Kaysen has achieved consistent and solid results with technology, bio-pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic and clinical software/IT companies. He is experienced in the FDA approval process, leading products from development stage through commercialization and revenue growth.

Mr. Kaysen has served as Chairman, President, CEO and Board member of Medibio Limited, an Australian listed medtech software/IT company focused on mental health. He was President, CEO and Board member of Sun BioPharma, Inc., a publicly traded biopharmaceutical company developing a drug for pancreatic cancer. He was also President, CEO and Board member of Uroplasty, Inc. a publicly traded global medical device company focused on female urinary disorders. Prior to that he served as President, CEO and Board member of Diametrics Medical, Inc. a global diagnostics company and Rehablicare, Inc. a publicly traded global orthopedic and rehabilitation neuromodulation company.

Mr. Kaysen currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of privately held Interrad Medical and as an Advisory Board member of EXB Solutions.

MikeMichael S. Victoroff, MD, FAAFP, CI (President and Chief Medical Officer) was named “Family Physician of the Year” by the Colorado Academy of Family Physicians in 1996. He practiced family medicine and obstetrics for 19 years. He was a Medical Director for Aetna, then worked as an investigator for the University of Colorado Department of Toxicology on cases of suspected environmental chemical exposures. He is currently the Risk Management Consultant on health information technology at COPIC and a Clinical Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Dr. Victoroff was among the first physicians to become board certified in the subspecialty of Clinical Informatics. He is a widely sought expert on patient safety and risk management. He completed a fellowship in biomedical ethics, and has served on numerous ethics committees, including that of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He has been a member of the Colorado Governor’s Commission on Life and the Law and the Judicial Affairs Committee of the Colorado Medical Society. He has chaired the Colorado Perinatal Care Council and the Colorado Medical Society Committee on Medical Informatics. In 1989, he developed an electronic medical record system (ChartR) for physician offices. In 1986, he developed a coding system for medical errors that has been used in federally-funded patient safety research and formed the basis of error analysis in numerous organizations.

His many publications include articles on bioethics, medical computing, managed care, medical errors and patient safety.

Sharon Feder (Founder and Board Chair) developed a service to address gaps within the medical system, called Lynx Collaborative Care Network. These obstacles became obvious in the course of caring for one of her sons who has had a constellation of complex medical conditions. A visual artist with gallery representation in Los Angeles and Denver, her professional and personal experiences have informed her work with improving outcomes through innovative tools that facilitate communication within the healthcare system.

Her work has gained support from medical professionals, patients, non-profit organizations, and condition-specific treatment centers across the U.S. She is recognized as a leading expert in the needs of patients and families with complex health conditions.

Meredith Nation (Records Manager) is happy to have worked with Michael and Sharon for almost 7 years. She holds degrees in medical anthropology and inter-disciplinary Latin American studies and has done extensive research in health access and quality of care. She is passionate about providing excellent service and care for all her clients.

As someone who advocates for healthcare that serves the patient, she is proud to be a part of providing the best professional services possible. She provides a personal, dedicated, and detail-oriented approach to health information. As a cancer survivor herself, Meredith has volunteered for several years with Immerman’s Angels, mentoring cancer patients.

  • I hope this catches on like wildfire!
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      Ted Stathos, MD, pediatric gastroenterology
  • Your services augment and support physicians. On a day to day basis they simply do not have the time to devote to research.
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    • Martha Aparicio, MHA, Managing Editor, Surgical Neurology
  • LYTFOX is an invaluable service for the patient that presents with a complex medical history.
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    • Connie Sanchez, ND
  • This tool saves time, saves money and saves lives.
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    • John Campana, MD, ENT
  • Your organization is clearly at the cutting edge of the Health Record arena. This is genuinely next-generation technology. LYTFOX Health Record Summaries will increase patient safety, reduce provider costs and save lives.
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    • Judy Ham, President and CEO, Cerebral Palsy of Colorado
  • We can’t speak highly enough about the help you have provided our family.  I will speak with anyone at any time about LYTFOX and the incredible value the organization has offered.
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    • Toni, mother of adult LYTFOX Participant
  • Thanks for being so encouraging and supportive. The Comprehensive Health Portfolio you put together of M’s medical records still overwhelms me.
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    • Shelli, mother of child with infantile scoliosis and other problems
  • The information you gave us did make us push the doctors here to do whatever it took to make Terry better.
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    • Bridget, Life Partner of LYTFOX Participant in New Zealand
  • I believe that if a company like LYTFOX is willing to offer that avenue to greater understanding that we need to embrace what they are offering.
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    • Ali, mother of child with complex medical issues
  • We have looked at the services offered by LYTFOX and believe that many of our target population can benefit from the product offered by them.
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    • Mark Simon, President of the Board of Directors for the Colorado Alliance for Health and Independence
  • I think it is a service everyone either needs personally, or knows someone who would benefit from it greatly.
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    • Greg Summers, health insurance broker, Insurance Providers
  • The future potential of LYTFOX’s technology, based on current experience, as a truly cost effective tool that provides human expert summarization to create a health record summary for people with extensive medical histories is both cutting edge and greatly needed for the 21st Century health care system.
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    • Pamela P. Hanes, PhD, President and CEO, Colorado Health Institute
  • Many physicians praised the easy-to-read medical health summary that LYTFOX was able to make for me from my massive medical records. They thought it was a great service, and helped them immensely to be quickly updated on my case.
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    • Janice, LYTFOX Participant with neurological damage from work-related injury
  • If I could kiss you via email, I would! Thanks so much – I feel very prepared for this appointment and the future. I am feeling great today… you are such an answer to prayer… lots of prayer.
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    • Kati, LYTFOX Participant with syringomyelia
  • Your fabulous staff was able to reconstruct my rather complex medical history – eight brain surgeries obviously creates a wide paper trail.
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    • Christy, LYTFOX Participant recovering from brain hemorrhage
  • I am really impressed and amazed by what an interesting and effective organization you have put together. I am so thankful to you all.
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    • Kevin, LYTFOX Participant with malignant melanoma
  • LYTFOX’s novel and proprietary approach to patient record abstraction and summary will provide the critical ‘missing link’ in the health information technology area. In fact, the LYTFOX Health Record Library should be the fundamental building block of all electronic medical records.
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    Cordelia Robinson, PhD, RN, Professor of Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Preventive Medicine, Director – JFK Partners
    Steven Rosenberg, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry